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GFWC Arts in the Community Program Bulletin

National Arts & Humanities Month has become the largest annual celebration across the nation to recognize culture in America. The impact that arts and culture have on citizens’ daily lives is the focus of numerous events in communities across the United States.

Suggested club involvement:

Your club’s involvement can make an important impact on Arts in the Community by sponsoring local artists in residence programs, and local theater events and concerts, organizing art exhibits, and promoting arts education funding for schools. 

» When public and private sector leaders fund the arts, they not only enhance our quality of life, but they also invest in our economic well-being. 
»Students with four years of high school art classes have higher SAT scores than students with one-half year or less. 
»Students who participate in the arts, both in school and after school, demonstrate improved academic performance and lower dropout rates. 
»Studies by the U.S. Department of Justice researchers demonstrate increased pro-social behavior among youths involved with the arts programs. 
» Find out more by visiting www.AmericansForTheArts.org

Celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month and remember to report all of your Arts in the Community achievements, programs, and events. 


Rosalie A. Dialessi (Mass.), GFWC Arts in the Community Chairman

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