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Woman's club distributes $10,600

DEER LODGE, MONT. — FEB 28, 2009 — The Deer Lodge Woman's Club presented checks totaling $10,600 to 20 local organizations this week.

The money came from proceeds from the club's New To You store in Deer Lodge, where donated clothing and bedding are sold.

When people expressed amazement at the amount of money that was presented, Woman's Club vice president Lynn Schmidt said, "This is what we do." She and others have joined the club to volunteer at the store as well as to have fun with group activities.

"The influence of the Deer Lodge Woman's Club reaches beyond the community in more than money," said Dick Bauman, who accepted a gift for the Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation.

Each month the women send clothing to AWARE in Anaconda, Shodair Hospital and the Intermountain Children's Home in Helena.

Bauman said he recently took clothing to Shodair and Intermountain for the club.

"It was a thrill and a real day-brightener," he said, "The recipients were so very appreciative of what this group did." Patti Lowery, accepting for American Legion baseball, said the money will help get a new sprinkler system installed at the ball park.

Money for the literacy program will go toward a new hard drive and motherboard for Sheri Wilson's computer that just broke down. Volunteers with Search and Rescue will use their gift for equipment, said Richard Liles.

Diana Solle, the newly appointed battered women and victims' advocate said, "We need to do whatever we can to make battered women and victims safe and comfortable. This often means a motel room, meals and toiletries. This money will help make the lives of these women more whole in the interim." Pat Hansen may be reached via e-mail at phansen@blackfoot.net.

Recipients named The following organizations shared in the $10,600 gift from the Deer Lodge Woman's Club.

Westside Park Playground that is being developed; William Kohrs Library; Lifelines; Powell County Ambulance Service; Christmas giving for needy families; art festival awards; Hospice; Battered Woman's Center; Rialto Theatre; Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation; American Legion baseball; Search and Rescue; Deer Lodge Food Pantry; Powell County Literacy Program; PAWHS — humane society and shelter; Senior Companions; Powell County Community Foundation and convention expenses.

College scholarships for second year students and an art scholarship for a Powell County High senior will be presented later.

About the store New to You, 211 Missouri, Deer Lodge, is run by Deer Lodge Woman's Club volunteers four days a week: Monday noon to 3 p.m., Tuesday noon to 5 p.m., Wednesday noon to 4 p.m., and Thursday noon to 7 p.m.

Donations of clean clothing and bedding, in good condition, may be delivered to the store during those hours. Clothing is rotated regularly to provide new selections.

For details, call 846-2176 during business hours.

—Pat Hansen

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