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GIVE Act Heads to Senate for Approval

During the 2008 election, candidate Obama consistently called for a renewed focus on national service and, as President, one of his first recommendations to Congress was to pass legislation to inspire a new era of volunteer service in the United States. GFWC supports efforts to increase community service opportunities for all Americans, and is watching this legislation closely.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (NY-04) has answered President Obama's call by introducing the GIVE Act, which contains provisions to expand volunteer opportunities to children, veterans, retirees, and senior citizens.  It calls on the Corporation for National and Community Service to conduct a “Call to Service” campaign with September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. The bill passed by a wide 321-105 margin. 

The GIVE Act would likely be reconciled with a similar bill before the U.S Senate, the Serve America Act.  Sponsored by Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA), the bill contains other specific provisions, including providing a tax incentive to employers who allow employees to take paid leave for service opportunities and the establishment of a Volunteer Generation Fund to assist nonprofit organizations in finding volunteers. 

»Learn more about the Serve America Act (PDF)

»Take action! Contact your Senators today and ask them to support the GIVE Act.

»Tell us what you think! Send your thoughts on the GIVE Act and other legislation on volunteering to PublicPolicy@GFWC.org.

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