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Reaching Out Internationally Program Bulletin


Heifer Project International is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty and caring for the Earth.  It has helped over 9 million families in more than 125 countries more toward self-reliance, since its establishment in 1944. Through gifts of livestock and training in sound agriculture practices families have become independent. The families share one or more of their animals’ offspring with others in need. Heifer calls this “passing on the gift.” This process multiplies the benefits of the original gift. 

Women in Livestock Development, or WILD, was established in 1988 to help women care for themselves, their families, and each other.  They empower the women through education and paying jobs.  Many start their own businesses, or raise livestock for income.

GFWC Clubwomen have done a great deal to make this success story a reality.  Continue to give a gift of a goat, rabbit, chicken, or other small animal.  Walk on the WILD side and help women become empowered through Heifer WILD program.

There will be awards presented annually for one state federation in each size category in honor of membership participation.  Keep up the good work! 

PLAN USA—Global Woman’s Fund

Many of you read the article about the Global Woman’s Fund at work in the Dominican Republic in last year’s GFWC Clubwoman Magazine. It was exciting to see these women coming together to make a difference for their families and themselves by establishing a sewing business. They make shirts for the children so they can attend school. Education is free in the Dominican Republic, but you must have a uniform  These women are making it possible for children from the poorer families to attend classes. They also sell clothing to other villagers to grow their business. 

Your support of the Global Woman’s Fund can keep this project going.  The money we donate to the Fund goes much father once it is used “in country” to purchase equipment and materials for these groups.  A gift of $1.75 can supply enough materials for a school shirt.  Just $25.00 can provide 15 children with uniforms.  PLAN USA will use our dollars to empower the women and families in the Dominican Republic and other parts of Central America.  The Global Woman’s Fund is making a difference.  Let’s keep it growing. 

Save the Children

Save the Children’s Survive to 5 Campaign has launched a new initiative that will interest many GFWC members: Knit One, Save One initiative. Starting September 12, 2008 at the Portland Knit and Crochet Show, Save the Children will ask knitters and crotchetier throughout America to take action on behalf of the 4 million children who die within the first month of life and the 6 million more who die before age 5 from preventable or treatable causes in the developing world.

This initiative is asking knitters and crotchetier to follow 3 simple steps:

For all GFWC clubs who participate, Save the Children will be keeping track of caps made and letters submitted and at the 2009 GFWC Annual International Convention in Ohio, they will be giving out awards for the best participation in each of the 6 state membership categories.  To learn more and download the Knit Kit with free patterns, go to www.SaveTheChildren.org/KnitOneSavesOne.


With reports just around the corner, take a moment to read your GFWC Manual to learn about the many awards your club or your state federation may be eligible to receive. Our partner organizations want to reward your work on their behalf, but you must report your time, dollars, and programs to be considered.

CARE, Heifer, Operation Smile, and PLAN USA all have exciting award programs designed for GFWC members.  Take a minute and find out how you can become involved and then report your efforts.


—Nancy Jones (Wash.), GFWC Reaching Out Internationally Program Chairman

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