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Beautification Program Bulletin

Does it seem like a coincidence that Earth Day, Federation Day, and Arbor Day all fall within the same week? I think it is a natural fit.

»Earth Day is April 22nd. According to www.EarthDay.gov, we celebrate the gains made and create new visions to act to protect our planet. Please check out their website for lists of suggested actions to celebrate this day and learn to make every day Earth Day.

»Arbor Day falls on April 24 this year. The Arbor Day Foundation, www.ArborDay.org, provides its members with resources and tools to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees:

The Arbor Day Foundation is the sponsor of Tree City USA®. You see the signs celebrating a town’s pride in being designated a Tree City.

Like the GFWC website, the Arbor Day Foundation’s website is packed with well-organized information. It contains ideas on how to celebrate Arbor Day. Just as GFWC International President Rose Ditto suggested that each GFWC member plant a red rose, I recommend that members also plant at least one tree! Please plant trees native to your area; don’t add to the problems by planting an exotic plant that may result in harming other plants. If your area has recently suffered flood, fire, or wind damage, have your club plant a tree and make sure it has a marker so all who enjoy the tree know that your GFWC club made the effort to help restore the area. Citizens of your town will see that GFWC members are interested in helping preserve the Earth for future generations.

ESO members, make it a point to read at least one book on trees. How better to increase your personal knowledge and learn more ways to help our planet?

On April 22nd and 24th, please connect with fellow club members celebrate! Remember to report your activities.


—Tric Heepe (Ind.), GFWC Beautification Program Chairman

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