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Keep Summer Beautiful!

Every year, Americans generate 251.3 million tons of garbage. Waste reduction and recycling conserves natural resources, reduces the need for landfills, and prevents pollution. Placing an emphasis on the types of products we buy in addition to how we dispose of them is an important step in sustaining the environment. Waste minimization, creating less waste by buying recycled, recyclable, or reusable products, as well as recycling and composting, reduces the amount of material sent to a landfill. Communities, using a combination of these processes, reduced the municipal solid waste landfilled from 56.2 percent in 2000 to 55.4 percent in 2003.

»Find out when summer starts, and why some Americans get an extra day of it!

Community beautification makes communities safer and more enjoyable to live in. When citizens unite, they transform public spaces and create deeper connections to their community. Beautifying public spaces helps raise property values, reduce crime and improve public health.  Enhancing community beauty can be achieved through graffiti removal, creating community gardens, and litter cleanup.

Try these tips to help keep the spirit of summer alive and beautiful!

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