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Reading is Summer-fundamental!

Are you reading this summer? Reading is a great way to enjoy the slower pace of the summer months, and few things are better than relaxing in the shade with a good book in your hands. Books provide you with a way to explore avenues of interest, new and old, and can help you form deeper connections with friends and fellow clubwomen. GFWC’s Epsilon Sigma Omicron reading society is a great way to get involved in reading. ESO provides members with unique opportunities to connect over their love for books.

A summer reading list for yourself is a great way to explore a particular area of interest in a more in depth manner. For ideas on expanding your horizons and finding new books, consult the ESO Reading List (PDF) or the Family Education Reading Lists. Read the books your children and grandchildren are required to read for summer reading, so you can connect over books and help them with their homework at the same time.

Another great summer reading list is Oprah’s Book Club, which sports a multitude of different genres and writing styles ranging from a retelling of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice (but with zombies this time!) to a collection of poems from the Women’s Movement of the 1960s. This summer book list includes short excerpts for each book to give you a glimpse before you commit to reading it. Because the 25 books listed are amazingly diverse, Oprah’s summer reading list would be a great starting point for forming an ESO group with your fellow clubwomen. 

More great resources for forming a personal summer reading list, or for forming a book club, are Barnes and Noble’s multitude of book lists. There are featured book clubs as well as lists based on a particular genres and issues.

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