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National Women's Friendship Month: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Friends are like flowers, each in their own way. Put them all together: what a wonderful bouquet!

Who are the women in your garden of friends? Has it grown larger, more wild, in your lifetime? Or have you cultivated the same flowers, protecting and nourishing them from seedlings to form unbreakable roots? Regardless, National Women's Friendship Month reminds us that every garden needs nurturing. Think about the variety of friendships that make up your life. How can you best cultivate each of these beautiful blooms during National Women's Friendship Month?

Your long-distance friend, the Zinnia. In the language of flowers, the vibrant zinnia symbolizes absent friends, lasting affection and daily remembrance. Some of our most exciting moments in life come when we take on opportunities to move to new homes, new neighborhoods, new cities and new states. Saying goodbye to trusted friends, however, can be difficult. Don't forget the ones who knew you when! Pick up the phone and let them know they'll always be in your heart.

Your childhood bestie, the Hyacinth. Our fondest memories often involve girls we knew as children and loved like sisters. Dressing up dolls, jumping rope, playing hopscotch—these were the joys best experienced with friends. Hyacinths represent games, frivolity and playful joy. Do you still have hyacinths in your garden? Let your oldest friends know that you remember and value that playful joy you shared.

Your new pal, the Wisteria flower. It's a funny thing how quickly a new friend can change our lives. It's not always easy to make new friends when we become adults, sometimes we have to seek them out. Look for opportunities to let new friends and acquaintances introduce you to new experiences. Invite the women you meet to become part of your own activities. Wisteria flowers represent a willingness to welcome spontaneity into your life. It's always good to have some growing. 

Your work buddy, the Petunia. In a stressful work environment is there anything more valuable than a good friend? Often, we spend more time with the women in our workplaces than with other friends in our social lives. Petunias say "your presence soothes me." Show thanks to your work friends for being in your corner -- petunias may be small, but their soothing presence can mean the world. 

Your fellow clubwoman, the Red Rose! The GFWC flower is the red rose, officially adopted at the Council Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisc., in May 1940. What greater symbol of the love of service and sisterhood shared between the members of women's clubs? Did your club Step for the Roses? Walking together is a great way to take time out of the trenches and appreciate each others' company.

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