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Community Improvement Contest

Joann Wheeler, GFWC Community Improvement Contest Chairman


“This is a contest which no one can lose.” Every community stands to gain benefits from GFWC volunteers dedicating leadership, time, and dollars donated to community service projects! GFWC provides quality resource information in the GFWC Manual, located in the orange colored special projects area. Take the time to review the contest action plan, deadline dates, awards, and judging criteria.


First Important Date!

January 15, 2010: Each state judges’ information (names/mailing address/e-mail address/ and additional contact information) must be sent to the GFWC Community Improvement Contest Chairman:

                              Joann Wheeler

                              2622 NW 19th Street

                              Redmond, OR. 97756

                              Email: jwii@msn.com


This must be done to receive your awards checks from GFWC.


As you prepare your entry for the Community Improvement Contest, here are a few tips to make it a winning entry:

·        Define the community’s need

·        Detail the process of choosing the project

·        Describe the support from the community

·        Detail the finances of the project

·        Detail how media support was obtained

·        Describe the community networking to achieve the  goals

·        Detail the results of the project

·        Detail the changed made in the community

·        Focus on the content over appearance


Judging Criteria:

·        The selection process, need, and method of selection

·        Development of the project

·        Evaluation of the project


Congratulations to each club that chose to submit an entry. Remember the overall goal of GFWC members is to make out communities better places to live! A bonus to our winning state and GFWC level clubs will be cash awards that can be returned to their communities for additional volunteer commitments! Best of luck to all GFWC clubs submitting projects. Hopefully, your club will be one of the honored at the GFWC International Convention in Omaha June 2010.


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