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GFWC Arts in the Community Program Bulletin

Rosalie A. Dialessi, GFWC Arts in the Community Chairman

Summer is waning and Fall is upon us, so it is time for back to school and back to coloring our communities with beautiful artistic programs.

October is National Arts and Humanities Month

Check out www.americansforthearts.org/get_involved/advocacy/nahm/visibility_005.asp as this website is a wealth of information and offers a tool kit to help clubs choose, organize, and successfully celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month. The site suggests 101 Things to Do to Celebrate the Month, such as: obtaining an official proclamation of October as National Arts and Humanities Month from local elected officials; suggest that teachers honor the month at their schools; create buttons to hand out declaring October as National Arts and Humanities Month; hang a banner; create and distribute fliers; and the list goes on.

VSA Arts

There are several new programs available on the VSA arts website: www.vsarts.org.

  • Start with the Arts at Home- an art education resource for children and children with disabilities to help them learn early childhood themes in an at home setting. The program contains nine read-aloud/arts activities that will help to improve a childís reading skills through art and is available for $20 plus shipping and handling.
  • Let Your Style Take Shape- a free resource for teachers that contains activities programs for students that helps them develop and learn about creativity and how to find their own individual creative style.
  • Making a Case for the Arts-The Arts Education Partnership has developed a how and why arts are critical to a studentís achievement and betterment of schools. This brochure gives information on several issues facing the importance of arts in education in schools. For more information including how to order copies of some of the research such as: Third Space, When Learning Matters and Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement visit the AEP web site at www.aep-arts.org.

VSA is just one of many websites that are devoted to the importance of art and involving people of all ages, artistic skill, and resources involved. GFWC clubs can find many wonderful resources and ideas to help develop programs and activities in their communities from this web site.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts website is another great source of information and resources. www.kennedy-center.org. Within this website there are several different avenues that can be explored for community involvement. GFWC clubs can sponsor guest artists, find information on art scholarships, develop art education programs, and even send students to classes. One of the newest programs is Ensuring the Arts for ANY GIVEN CHILD; the goal of this program is to insure that all children have full arts education programs. Any Childís goal is to help school districts and organizations seek opportunities for better art education for all children. For more information about this program clubs can call 202/416-8806.

Exciting News-American Mural Project

Artist Ellen Griesedieck is creating the single largest piece of collaborative artwork in this country and GFWC has decided to become involved. Ellen will be incorporating GFWC in this massive mixed media painting and relief sculpture to honor the volunteer work done by GFWC Clubwomen. Ellenís vision is that for generations Americans have shaped this nation through their perseverance and hard work, this mural depicts these endeavors. People from all walks of life are featured: taxi drivers, doctors, NASA, Habitat for Humanity, Japanese Internment camp survivors, teachers, scientists, quilters, school children, inner city dance troupes, and now GFWC.

The future home of the American Mural Project will be in an old mill in Winsted, Connecticut. The mural will reach 5 stories high, and 120 feet long when completed so the mill is being converted to accommodate these dimensions. Over 10,000 people have worked on this mural thus far. Watch for further information on this wonderful project and how your clubs can get involved.

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