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Raise the Charitable Mileage Rate

As the price of gas hovers around $4 a gallon, the IRS has recently increased the Standard Business Mileage Rate to 58.5 cents per mile. This is the amount per mile that businesses and individuals can claim as a deduction for income tax purposes. The IRS is correct in making this change, as the amount more accurately reflects the true cost of today’s high gas prices. 

At the same time, however, the Charitable Mileage Rate continues to lag behind, at only 14 cents per mile, an amount unchanged in the last decade.  This tax deduction for volunteers who must use their personal vehicles to perform community service does not reflect the true cost of driving in today’s economic climate and fails to promote charitable services.

Currently, two bills before the U.S. House of Representatives attempt to correct this inequity. House Resolution 1827 and House Resolution 2020 both set the charitable mileage deduction at the same variable rate as the business travel deduction. Please take a moment to call your representatives in Congress and ask them to support both H.R. 1827 and H.R. 2020. You may download a sample letter to send to your Representative. If you do not know who your U.S. House Representative is, please visit http://www.house.gov/ and enter in your zip code.

The current economic climate is making it increasingly difficult for many volunteers to continue providing vital services to our communities. Please join GFWC and other service organizations in correcting this long overdue need.

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