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GFWC Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Bulletin


By: Carol White, GFWC Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Chairman

At a recent follow-up veterinarian visit, Dr. B asked, “What is the greatest problem facing our society today?” This Chairman responded without hesitation, “That’s easy; our children are not being taught respect and responsibility.” Dr. B was surprised by the answer but indicated that he too believed that same thing. He attributed the following quote to Brad McCoy (father of Colt McCoy, University of Texas star quarterback), “Instead of preparing the pathway for our child, we need to prepare our child for the pathway.”

Pick up any newspaper today and you will find articles about bullying, teen dating violence, child trafficking, “sexting,” and how many children lack manners and are seemingly self-centered and self-absorbed. What can we as clubwomen do to break this cycle and return our society to one of mutual respect for self and those around us? We can continue to work diligently to educate our youth and their parents to the harmful effects of not preparing our children for their path.

Suggest that clubs:

The 2008-2010 GFWC Domestic Violence Awareness Committee and this Chairman wish to thank all members clubs for their programs and projects undertaken during this administration. It is through your continued commitment to ending domestic violence that we will be instrumental in preparing our children and their children for their path.


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