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GFWC Georgia - A View from Inside

A look at GFWC clubs and state federations, as told by GFWC clubwomen.

"Our 2008 Convention was great. We had 300 registered. This year, as something new, we borrowed the GFWC idea of putting the award and citation winners on the projector screen. It worked well and the ladies liked it!

Our acting Domestic Violence chairman, Marty Bryan reported our figures for domestic violence projects for 2007 and displayed the banners for members to sign. It was passed around during business meetings and luncheons and was at the GaFWC sellables table. We also encouraged members to sign up for the Million Voices Campaign. I returned the banners to GFWC with approximately 175 signatures and 60 signed cards for the Million Voices Campaign.

In the Call to Convention, we asked members to bring items for one of the local domestic violence shelters in Atlanta. As usual, our ladies came through. We collected 63 stuffed animals; 18 children’s toys; 3 cases of soap, shampoo, makeup and feminine hygiene products; 87 pairs of pajamas; 56 pairs of socks; 41 children’s books; 32 pair of underwear; 20 blankets; 18 pair of bedroom shoes; and an assortment of magazines, videos, and journels.

On Sunday morning, Tara Hall, Family Violence Housing Manager with the YWCA of North West Georgia was on hand to receive the items collected. 

One Atlanta club was seeking volunteers to staff a concession at the PGA golf tournament to be held in Atlanta in September 2008. Leaflets were distributed and a signup sheet was made available. Funds from this concession will go to Ahimsa House, Georgia’s first and only organization solely dedicated to providing safe havens for pets of domestic violence victims.

Our featured speaker at the Saturday night banquet was State Representative Brooks Coleman, who is also a motivational speaker. He is currently serving as chairman of the Georgia Education committee.

The ten district presidents during this administration adopted a day of service project in honor of the First Vice-President. This year they brought pajamas for children and teens for the Pajama Program. These are used for children in foster care, orphanages, shelters or needy situations. They presented the pajamas on Friday afternoon during their reports and Dana Jolivett, Director of the Georgia Chapter of the Pajama Program, was present to receive the donation."

Kay Chadwick
2006-08 GaFWC President


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