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Act Today to Support Pay Equity

April 22, 2008 is National Pay Equity Day. This day symbolizes how far into each year the average woman must work to earn as much as a man earned by the end of the previous year.

»Learn the top 10 reasons that the wage gap exists and download a wage gap fact sheet (PDF)

Because women earn less than men—a little less than 77 cents per $1—they must work longer to earn equivalent amounts. It has been projected that over the course of her lifetime, the average woman will lose anywhere from $700,000 to $2 million, depending on educational level.  Surprisingly, the pay disparity increases with additional education. 

»Find out the real costs of the wage gap

On Tuesday, April 22, the United States Senate will vote on one of the most important pay equity bills in recent history, Senate bill 1843, the Fair Pay Restoration Act. This piece of legislation would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act and make each act of discriminatory compensation based on a person's gender or age an unlawful practice. This bi-partisan bill is supported by a large coalition of groups including the National Women's Law Center and the American Association of University Women

»Take action on this issue by contacting your Senators and asking them to support the Fair Pay Act


»Learn more about the Act and its history 

»Download a fact sheet about the Supreme Court Ruling and the Fair Pay Restoration Act (PDF)

»Find out where your state ranks in terms of pay inequity

»Calculate what your job is worth

»Find out how equal pay helps men, too!


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