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Keep America Beautiful Month

Founded more than 50 years ago in 1953, Keep America Beautiful has consistently been interested in one objective: uniting citizens, businesses, and government in the attempt to protect and preserve the environment.  This is accomplished by engaging individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their communities.

»Did you know that Americans generate 251.3 million tons of garbage per year? Talk about the need for waste reduction

Keep America Beautiful celebrates their work each April during Keep America Beautiful month. Their core issues of preventing litter, reducing waste and beautifying communities go hand in hand with the work of GFWC. GFWC clubs all over the country partner with local Keep America Beautiful affiliates to do the everyday work of, for instance, preventing litter.

»Did you know that cigarette butts are the most littered item in America? How many times have you opened a car door only to step into a pile of cigarette butts left by someone who has emptied a car ashtray?  Use Keep America Beautiful's Guide to Cigarette Litter Prevention to confront this issue in your community.

Keep America Beautiful also has other approaches to assist individuals in making a difference. They work to educate schools and communities, in many of the same areas as clubwomen. Education efforts include describing how much litter actually exists, why people litter, who is doing the littering, and where and what happens to litter. 

»Much like GFWC has local clubs that work on the particular needs of their communities, Keep America Beautiful also works through a network of local affiliates, Working with your local affiliate can expand the opportunities to work on beautification efforts. 

One of Keep America Beautiful's most popular programs, Graffiti Hurts, is aimed at providing communities with educational and programming materials to reduce the incidence and severity of graffiti. In 2007, Keep America Beautiful presented two cities with $2,000 graffiti prevention grants and commented, "the grant recipients provide wonderful examples of how local governments, police forces, civic groups and businesses" can work together to rid their communities of graffiti vandalism.

Since 1960, the amount of waste generated in America has nearly tripled.  All of us consume, but when we purchase products, do we ask ourselves about our product choices or how we choose to dispose of that product after we are finished with it? 

According to Keep America Beautiful, " at the point of purchase or use, consumers have the opportunity to consider a product, its packaging, how it is constructed, whether it can be reused recycled and whether it is made from recycled materials."  Next time you are in the grocery store, look at everything from food to cosmetics and consider the packaging. You might be surprised. And, remember the product life loop—reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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