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Crusing with the GFWC Juniors

There's still time to reserve your space for the 2008 GFWC Juniors' Cruise, a 4-night Juniors adventure aboard the Carnival Sensation, February 3-7, 2008.

Mary Taylor Jacobs (Fla.) knows first-hand how much fun the GFWC Juniors' Cruise can be, since the 2008 cruise will be her second time setting sail with her fellow clubwomen. "I went the first time to have a chance to have a relaxing week with my girlfriend," she says. "Little did I know how much fun I would have."

The relaxing week of reading by the pool, swimming with stingrays, and enjoying the on-board spa were a treat, but Mary said she enjoyed the dinners with GFWC members the most. "We could catch up on our day, talk about what was happening tomorrow. And sometimes a little GFWC chat was tossed in." Mary says she was privileged to have such a special way to get to know members on a different level, and encouraged three of her best friends to join her on the 2008 cruise. Her advice to anyone considering this fun trip: "Come relax in the sun, enjoy the water, and make some new friends!"

Making new friends is exactly what Beverly Lassiter (N.C.) has in mind for the cruise, which will be her first. "I decided to sign up this time because I was jealous of all my Federation friends who went last time," Bev says. "I donít want them having more fun than me!"

Bev hopes that the trip will be an exciting time to get to know her fellow clubwomen from across the country, without the stress of meetings or timetables. "So many times, we are unable to really sit and talk, and I think this is the perfect casual setting for meeting new Federation friends and planning for the future, both in our own states and for GFWC." Of course, it isn't lost on Beverly that while she's enjoying a wonderful and warm trip to the Bahamas, her friends back in North Carolina will be wishing they had come along on the GFWC Juniors' Cruise to escape the winter weather and engage in some Federation fellowship.  


For more information or to book a cabin, contact Roberta Fenska at Cruise Planners, 17 Patriot Court, Sicklerville NJ  08081. Direct dial 856/435-4118 or toll-free 866/872-6294.


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