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GFWC New Bern Woman’s Club

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The GFWC New Bern Woman’s Club of North Carolina, founded in 1905, was busy in 2015 as they raised nearly $10,000 with its holiday historic homes tour that will go back to the community in the form of scholarships, support for local projects, and charitable contributions. Members also gave back to the community by filling over 600 purses with personal items to distribute to women affected by domestic violence through the Previous Purses Drive.

Over the past century, the club has built a city park and recreation center, helped residents during natural disasters, and supported public schools and the local community college.

“I like being part of group of women who, although we may have different points of view on many issues, do agree that we have the power to make the world a better place by giving back, by doing things for those less fortunate, by valuing the arts and education, and by creating opportunities for women and children to grow and achieve in our local communities and across the world, “said Katherine Fannin, the club’s president.

“Times change but finding ways to make life better for women is still as pressing a need today as it was in 1905.”

With 85 members, the club works hard to make the community a better place to live and work.

“The New Bern Woman’s Club has been able to thrive and grow as a club by honoring our past, but in a way that is meaningful and relevant for the 21st century,” Katherine said. “Times change but finding ways to make life better for women is still as pressing a need today as it was in 1905. We can’t change the whole world but we can make a difference in our own communities through our generosity and volunteerism.”

To learn more about the GFWC New Bern Woman’s Club, visit the club’s website at newbernwomansclub.com. To find a club in your area, click here.


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