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GFWC Sebastian River Junior Woman’s Club

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The GFWC Sebastian River Junior Woman’s Club of Sebastian, Florida has been dedicated to volunteerism since its founding in 1977, but has also been a great way for members to form lasting friendships.

“I work in a male dominated field and do not have a lot of female interactions at work. Through GFWC I have found amazing woman to look up to and whom I call friends,” said Alice Rines, the club’s president.

The club is really just one big family, Alice says. In fact, members are encouraged to bring their families to meetings.

“In this day and age when we all spend so much time away from our families with work and other obligations, we do not want the club to be one more thing to take time away,” she said.  “We love passing on the volunteer spirit to our young ones who will one day lead this club.”

“Through GFWC I have found amazing women to look up to and whom I call friends.”

Being a member of GFWC allows Alice to belong to an organization that makes a difference around the world, but allows her to act locally, improving the lives of others in her community.

The club’s top projects include a Science Camp, a Haunted House, and a Virtual Race.

To learn more about the GFWC Sebastian River Junior Woman’s Club, check out the club’s website at www.gfwcsebastianjrs.org or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/gfwcsebastianjrs/. The club meets on the second Monday of every month. To find a club in your area, click here.


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