Eleanor Petty

Eleanor Petty  photograph

One hundred years young, Eleanor Petty has been busy her entire life. As a club member, single parent, college graduate, and professional educator, her first priority has always been the betterment of others. According to her fellow GFWC members, her favorite phrase is: “What can I do to help?”

A two-time past district president and passionate advocate for the importance of parliamentary procedure, Eleanor has been a vital asset to her club for nearly 70 years. She knows that GFWC clubs do important work, but the value in belonging to a GFWC club is in the relationships formed with fellow members.

What drew you to joining a GFWC club?
Friendliness. I was invited to join, and I went because I like meeting new people and enjoying their company, but mostly I like to be with friends. The majority of my club members are my very close friends. The friendliness we have in clubs, I think is great.

What was the best part of turning 100?
I received more than 225 birthday cards for my 100th birthday this year! Members of my club and some other clubs all sent cards, and they had to be taken to my room in two boxes! My son and daughter threw me a surprise party and invited everybody. I received a lot of cards then, too.

The value in belonging to a GFWC club is in the relationships formed with fellow members.

What is your secret to a long life?
Keeping busy. I always kept busy, and still do. I used to go to ball games, square dances, and play croquet. I went to college. I have two kids, and their daddy died when they were not even 10, so I was busy raising them. Now, I take lots of walks, and I play bridge. Most of all, I enjoy being with people.

What advice do you have for GFWC members?
Share your talents with one another. Be friends. Enjoy what you do. Stay true to the mission and purpose of GFWC. There is unity in diversity and it takes cooperation to get the job done.




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