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1734 Society

Named for the GFWC Headquarters address at historic 1734 N Street NW, in Washington, D.C., the GFWC 1734 Society is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the building as a National Historic Landmark.

1734 Society members understand the importance of historic preservation and take pride in supporting GFWC Headquarters with three levels of membership:

Mildred Carlson Ahlgren Level - $17.34 to $173.39

During Mrs. Ahlgren's tenure, the United States was faced many threats of war and economic depression. In response to the climate of the country, Mrs. Ahlgren designed programs promoting peace and patriotism. A program aimed at raising funds for the restoration of Independence Hall—site of the adoption and signing of the Declaration of Independence—was central to her administration. 


Mary King Sherman Level - $173.40 to $1,733.99

Mrs. Sherman was affectionately known as the "National Park Lady" because she was instrumental in the creation of the National Park Service and supported the establishment of six National Parks. She also created and oversaw a national survey that brought attention to the value of homemaking, which resulted in the recognition of homemaking as an occupation in the 1930 census.

Benefits include those outlined in the Ahlgren Level, as well as:

Alice Ames Winter Level - $1,734+

Mrs. Winter led the drive to purchase the Federation's current Headquarters in the nation's capital at 1734 N Street NW, in Washington, D.C. During her tenure, she was appointed by President Warren G. Harding to the International Conference on the Limitation of Armaments.

Benefits include those outlined in the Ahlgren and Sherman levels and:

To become a member of the 1734 Society, please download the informational brochure and order form.

1734 Society Members*

Alice Ames Winter Donors
GFWC Minnesota
GFWC Southern Region
The estate of Harry C. Knueppel, Wis.
Mary Patricia Marcello, N.J.
Lucy Willard, Ga.

Mary King Sherman Donors
Betty Brust, Md.
Kathleen Flock, Neb.
GFWC Alaska
GFWC Arizona
GFWC Atlanta Northside Woman's Club, Ga.
GFWC Atlanta Woman’s Club, Ga.
GFWC Azalea City Woman’s Club, Ga.
GFWC Brentwood Woman’s Club, Tenn.
GFWC Florida
GFWC Frederick Woman’s Civic Club, Md.
GFWC Georgia
GFWC Madison Heights Intermediate Women’s Club, Mich.
GFWC Michigan
GFWC Morrow Civic Woman’s Club, Ga.
GFWC Oklahoma
GFWC Pennsylvania
GFWC Peoria-West Valley Woman’s Club, Ariz.
GFWC Rhode Island
GFWC Sokico Woman’s Club, Wash.
GFWC South Central Region
GFWC West Virginia
GFWC Women’s Club of Claymont, Pa.
GFWC Woman's Club of Hendersonville, Tenn.
GFWC Woman’s Club of Panama City, Fla.
Becky Johnson, Ariz.
Anne Jones, Ga.
Mary Ellen Laister, Ariz.
Lucy Larson, Minn.
Julianne Salle, Ark.
Ivous Sisk, Miss.
Lois Stanton, Wis.
Cyndy Sweeney, Pa.
Mary Jo Thomas, W.Va.

*Donor information is current through February 2012.

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