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Awards, Contests, and Grants

GFWC clubs and members are eligible to apply for, participate in, and compete for awards, contest prizes, and grants related to their programs and projects.


GFWC gives awards for outstanding achievements annually or biennially for each GFWC program. Awards are granted to eligible state federations, clubs, and individuals. In addition to awards presented by GFWC, some resource organizations and funders also provide awards. Many awards are given based on program reports, so please check reporting guidelines and the specific GFWC program or project for detailed information and requirements.


GFWC sponsors a number of contests for members, clubs, and states; winners are recognized at the Annual International Convention.


Club, district, and state grants are available from GFWC Headquarters when GFWC receives funding for specific programs and projects. Grants vary in amount and are announced in the e-GFWC newsletter. Grant application forms are quick and easy to complete and grant winners are usually required to submit a short evaluation form describing how they used the grant.


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