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GFWC Board Briefing

May 2009


February 2010

GFWC Haiti Disaster Relief

Updated Resolutions

Constitution & Bylaws and Standing Rules

2009 Audited Financial Statement

Headquarters Staff Updates

GFWC Calendar


GFWC Haiti Disaster Relief

In an effort to assist the Haitian community in the aftermath of the January 12, earthquake, the Executive Committee approved the establishment of a Haitian Disaster Relief effort through the GFWC Disaster Relief Fund.  Funds collected will be provided to GFWC International Partners- CARE, Heifer International, Plan USA, Save the Children, and UNICEF.

In order to make an immediate and direct impact, GFWC coordinated efforts with our established International Affairs partners, who had an established field office in Haiti and expressed interest in working with GFWC on this specific cause and future GFWC projects.

From generous gifts to small gestures, GFWC clubwomen have a significant history of generosity when natural or man-made disasters devastate communities. Haiti is no exception. The collective impact of GFWC clubwomen working together to assist those in need demonstrates the true power of the Federation. All donations will be acknowledged and recognized. Thank you for all your help in promoting this project—and for the generous donations that you have made to date. So far, we have collected $16,454.90, and we are thrilled by the response.

Donations may be made online at www.GFWC.org, over the phone with a credit card, or by sending a check in the mail to GFWC Headquarters. For more information, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions, go to www.GFWC.org. Contact GFWC Headquarters with any questions at 202-347-3168.

Updated Resolutions  

The 2009 Resolutions that were voted upon at the 118th GFWC Annual International Convention in Cleveland, Ohio are available to view and download on our Web site, www.GFWC.org/Resolutions

Constitution & Bylaws and Standing Rules

In case you are in need of referencing the most up-to-date versions of GFWC’s governing documents, please note that you can find our Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Rules at http://www.gfwc.org/gfwc/Governance.asp.

2009 Audited Financial Statement

GFWC’s FY2009 Audited Financial Statement is available online at www.GFWC.org/Governance.  As stewards of the organization, it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the information. GFWC takes the commitment to transparency and accountability in governance seriously and encourages all members, partners and the general public to peruse our financial statements. The FY2009 990 form will be posted online at the end of January.

Click here to view or download GFWC’s FY2009 Audited Financial Statement (PDF).

Headquarters Staff Updates


Kari O'Donnell

After two years at GFWC, Programs Associate Kari O'Donnell decided to pursue new opportunities and departed GFWC in July 2010. Kari was an instrumental player on the GFWC Programs team over the last several years, and her professionalism and gracefulness will be missed. We wish Kari the best with her new career plans.

Nellie Gulick

After almost two years at GFWC, Administrative Coordinator Nellie Gulick departed GFWC in August 2010 to pursue new opportunities. As a key member of the GFWC Administrative team, Nellie provided extraordinary customer service and will be missed. We wish Nellie the best with her new career plans.

Beth Renckens

After two years at GFWC, Associate Director Beth Renckens departed GFWC in July 2010. As a key member of the GFWC team, Beth provided unbelievable dedication and service and will be greatly missed. We wish Beth the best with her new career plans.

Aline Stone

GFWC would like to thank Aline Stone for her four months of service as GFWC Public Policy Coordinator. As a key member of the GFWC Public Affairs team, Aline provided extraordinary work with the website, News & Notes, and convention preperation. She will be greatly missed. We wish Aline the best with her new career plans.

Jennifer Mino

GFWC is delighted to welcome Jennifer Mino as our Public Affairs Manager. Under the supervision of the Senior Director of Public Affairs Michele Mount, she will be responsible for supporting and executing communication strategies; writing and editing select GFWC publications; and implementing GFWC communications plans. Jennifer brings over three years of communications and public relations to GFWC, including the last several years at the MCT Federal Credit Union in Rockville, Maryland. During her tenure at MCT Federal Credit Union, she was responsible for the organization’s quarterly newsletter, media relations, and community outreach programs. Jennifer earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. You can reach Jennifer at JMino@GFWC.org or 202-347-3168 ext. 140.

Jocelyn Johnson-Green

GFWC is delighted to welcome Jocelyn Johnson-Green as our Convention and Meetings Coordinator. Under the supervision of the Senior Director of Public Affairs Michele Mount, she will be responsible for planning and organizing GFWC Conventions, meetings, and special events, including the coordination and implementation of project plans and contract negotiation. Jocelyn brings over nine years of event and meeting planning experience to GFWC. She has planned events for the American Wind Energy Association, Humana, and the American Association of Airport Executives. Most recently, Jocelyn assisted the American Wind Energy Association’s WINDPOWER 2010 Conference for 25,000 attendees. Jocelyn earned an Events Management Certification from George Washington University, Washington, D.C. You can reach Jocelyn at JJohnson@GFWC.org or 202-347-3168 ext. 144.

Daniel Jin

GFWC is delighted to welcome Dan Jin to the Public Affairs department as the new GFWC Public Affairs Coordinator where he will be responsible for producing GFWC News & Notes, our weekly e-newsletter; coordinating media relations for GFWC, our public policy issues, and programmatic accomplishments; website updates; and coordinating the production of GFWC Clubwoman Magazine. Dan’s tenure as a GFWC Membership Services Associate provided him with great insight in communicating with GFWC members. He possesses outstanding customer service skills, attention to detail, and determination in completing assignments and projects in a timely and professional manner. Dan’s public affairs experience includes internships with two U.S. Representatives, the University of Virginia Center for Politics, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Dan earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in history from the University of Virginia. You can reach Dan at DJin@GFWC.org or 202-347-3168 ext. 118.

Jamie Leidelmeyer

GFWC is delighted to welcome Jamie Leidelmeyer to the Programs department as the new GFWC Programs Associate. Jamie will bring previous experience and knowledge from his tenure as a GFWC Membership Services Associate. He possesses exceptional customer service skills, professionalism, and dedication to GFWC and its members. Jamie graduated from Virginia Tech University with a bachelor’s of science in human nutrition, foods, and exercise. A member of Alliance Francaise, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, and a former hospital emergency room volunteer, Jamie understands and embraces the importance of service and fraternal organizations. You can reach Jamie at JLeidelmeyer@GFWC.org  or ext. 143.

Membership Services Associates 

GFWC is delighted to welcome Jake McKenzie, Lauren Alfero, and Julene Kilis as our new Membership Services Associates. Under the supervision of Membership Services Coordinator Jennifer Graber, they each are responsible for the delivery of membership recruitment and retention services through all means of member interactions, maintaining the GFWC membership database, and working on special projects across GFWC.

Jake is a recent graduate of Daniel Webster College in New Hampshire, having earned a bachelor’s in business management. Jake has a strong background in marketing, with focuses in both research and development. He also has several years of customer service experience and a thorough knowledge of technological applications. Jake may be reached at JMcKenzie@GFWC.org and at 202-347-3168 ext. 148.

Lauren is also a recent graduate, hailing from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She earned a bachelor’s in communications, and brings with her a strong customer service background and an extensive history of volunteering with various charitable organizations. As an executive board member with Temple’s chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, she headed committees and coordinated new initiates. In her spare time, she enjoys playing violin and flute. Lauren may be reached at LAlfero@GFWC.org or 202-347-3168 ext. 134.

Julene graduated in 2009 from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s in biology and a minor in East Asian studies. She has a strong and diverse technological knowledge base and supervisory experience with everything from ophthalmology labs to campus organizations. For fun, she enjoys photography, travelling, and jewelry-making. Julene will begin with GFWC on Monday, August 9. She can be reached at JKilis@GFWC.org and at 202-347-3168 ext. 142.


GFWC Calendar

March 11            WHRC Women’s History Month Event | GFWC Headquarters |4:00 p.m. EST

March 12-14       GFWC Executive Committee and GFWC Budget and Finance Committee Meetings
                              | Washington, D.C

March 16             WHRC Webinar | 2:00 p.m. EDT

March 19-21       West Virginia State Convention | The Greenbrier | White Sulfur Springs

April 2                  GFWC Headquarters Closed | Good Friday Holiday

April 8-10             Louisiana State Convention | Houma

April 8-10             Nebraska State Convention

April 8-11             GFWC/Kentucky State Federation of Clubs Convention
                              | Hyatt Regency Lexington | Lexington

April 10                 GFWC Nevada Convention | Las Vegas

April 14-16            Texas State Convention | Corpus Christi

April 16-18            Oklahoma State Convention

April 16-18            Tennessee State Convention | Knoxville Marriott | Knoxville

April 17-24            Volunteers in Action Week

April 17-19            Maryland State Convention | BWI Airport Marriott | Baltimore

April 22-24             Wyoming State Convention | Cheyenne

April 22-24              Iowa State Convention | Carroll

April 22-24              Mississippi State Convention

April 22                    Washington State Convention

April 22-25              Wisconsin State Convention | Madison

April 23-25              Ohio State Convention | Doubletree Columbus | Worthington

April 23-25              GFWC Virginia Convention | Washington Dulles Marriott | Dulles

April 23-25              Alabama State Convention | Tuscaloosa

April 24                    GFWC Federation Day

April 24-25               North Dakota State Convention | Park River

April 29-May 1         Missouri State Convention | Jefferson City

April 30-May 2         South Dakota State Convention

April 30-May 2         Arkansas State Convention

April 30-May 2         Montana State Convention | Copper King Hotel and
                                  Convention Center | Butte

May 1-3                    Pennsylvania State Convention

May 2-4                    Massachusetts State Convention | North Falmouth

May 2-5                    New Jersey State Convention | Atlantic City

May 7-8                    GFWC Utah Convention | Red Lion Inn | Salt Lake City

May 7-9                    Arkansas State Convention

May 12-15               California State Convention | San Francisco

May 14-16               Michigan State Convention | Iron Mountain

May 18-20               Delaware State Convention | Dover

May 19-22               Illinois State Convention | Marriott Bloomington-Normal Hotel
                                 & Conference Center | Normal

May 31                      GFWC Headquarters Closed | Memorial Day Holiday

 State Presidents, please verify the date and location for your State Federation Convention and provide

updated information to GFWC Meetings and Convention Manager Erica Sterling at ESterling@gfwc.org.

This information is helpful in directing inquiries and working on logistics.



May 18, 2009

GFWC Staff Realignment
Update on xCatalyst
Updated Constitution & Bylaws, Standing Rules online
GFWC Stationery online
Pre-Convention Board of Directors Meeting 
Preview of August 2009 Board of Directors Meeting in Lexington, Ky.

Directory Updates
Headquarters Staff Updates
Finance and Administration Update 
Membership and Programs Update
Public Affairs Update

GFWC Staff Realignment 

As the important challenges of serving GFWC members have changed, we have found it necessary to reassess how the GFWC professional staff can continue to meet those challenges and exceed your expectations for collaboration and support. With the aim of improving our effectiveness and value to you, we have organized our staff in a new way, and are thrilled to let you know about our improved structure.

First, we have combined GFWC’s core elements—members and programs—into a single, cohesive department that can more readily develop and deliver better support for members. The new Membership and Programs Department will be able to offer expanded services, benefits, and programs, as staff will be able to coordinate and share goals. We welcome Michelle Marcoot to GFWC as our new Senior Director of Membership to lead this department and coordinate GFWC’s membership recruitment, retention, program, and outreach efforts.

Similarly, the new Public Affairs Department combines three functions that were previously independent: Communications & Public Relations, Publications, and Public Policy. By putting these areas under the umbrella of public affairs, we are better able to strategize GFWC’s objectives and deliver a more polished and cohesive message. This department is led by the Senior Director of Public Affairs.

The GFWC Executive Committee and other leaders were integral to this realignment and, with their support and guidance, GFWC’s professional staff can continue to assist clubwomen in advancing the mission of the Federation.

An updated list of GFWC’s staff, departments, titles, and contact information is available for download here—along with information regarding your staff liaisons—and is also available at www.GFWC.org/Staff.

GFWC Headquarters Staff and Board Committee Liaisons (PDF)

GFWC Headquarters Staff Organizational Chart (PDF)

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Update on xCatalyst

xCatalyst, GFWC's new member database, is already proving successful in its first deployment. We enabled member profiles to launch online registration for the 2009 Convention, and have been encouraged by the response. The system seems to be user friendly and the questions we've encountered have helped us refine the database to make it even more useful. We anticipate a global launch at the end of June, with member education and promotional outreach encouraging all members to log in and be counted! And, as a member of the Board of Directors, you can expect to receive additional information and training at the August 2009 GFWC Board of Directors Meeting in Lexington, Ky.

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Updated Constitution & Bylaws, Standing Rules Online

 For your reference, please know that you can view and download the most up-to-date versions of the Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Rules on our website, www.GFWC.org/BoardResources.

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GFWC Stationery Online

For your convenience , we have made GFWC's stationery available online. You can use this file to create and print letters and memoranda on the official letterhead for GFWC leaders. Please note that this file has been altered to be compatible with standard printers, and the left-margin color blocking will not print as a full bleed, as it does on our professionally printed stationery. If you prefer to use our professionally printed stationery, please contact GFWC.

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Pre-Convention Board of Directors Meeting

You should have received your Call to the Pre-Convention Board of Directors Meeting via e-mail on Tuesday, and as a reminder, the registration deadline to attend is May 26

For those members who have a vote by virtue of their position on the Board of Directors, you will receive an e-mail later this week providing you with the proposed FY2010 budget for your review prior to the meeting. In addition, all members of the Board of Directors will be sent an e-mail with links to much of the materials that will be included in the Board packet so that you have time prior to the meeting to review this information.

If you are not attending this meeting of the Board of Directors, please note that you will not be sent a Board packet, but you will be able to view the full Board packet online following the meeting.

We have received several inquiries from Board members regarding the need for GFWC to charge a registration fee if a meal is not included in the meeting. The $15 registration fee is intended to help offset the production costs associated with the Board meeting, such as printing, supplies, audiovisual needs, and shipping. We do have money budgeted for Board meeting production expenses, but we also have a line item for Board meeting income as well. When we charge a “package” fee, this fee includes an “administrative/production” fee that is usually between $10-$25 depending upon the location, length of meeting, agenda topics, and speakers.

We hope you will be able to join us in Cleveland.

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Preview of August 2009 Board of Directors Meeting in Lexington, Ky.

The 2009 Board of Directors Meeting will take place August 27-30, 2009,in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa. While we know that you are coming to work hard, also expect some fun events to take place that will give you a great taste of what Lexington has to offer—it is, after all, also called the Birthplace of Bourbon! View a preliminary agenda, and keep a lookout for the official Call to the Board of Directors Meeting.

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Directory Updates

page  4: Sandra Pecha |   E. Mspecha@Charter.net

page 8: Janice Predoehl |  E: JGPredoehl@Gmail.com 

page  8: Jan Latola  |  E:  Jessharry1400@MSN.com 

page  9:  Dottie Zimmerman |  E: TadZ@Windstream.net  

page  9: Dee Beckman |  E: Deebeckman@Vermontel.net 

page  9:  Kathleen Schuster | E: Katsch1955@Gmail.com

page 10: Anna Marie English, GFWC California Director of Junior Clubs Pro-Tem (through May 31, 2009) | P. O. Box 1864 | Apple Valley, CA 92307 | P: 760/961-8396 | AMEnglish1@MSN.com

page 15:  Evelyn Dill | 810 Audubon Way Apt T-18 | Lincolnshire, IL 60069

page 16: Jan Bailey | Rt. 2, Box 126A | Cheyenne, OK 73628 | P: 580/497-2361 (Home) | P: 580/497-7347 (Cell) | Janbailey@Cableone.net

page 17: Faye Gregory | E Faygregory@Windstream.net

page  21:  Pat Huff | E. Pathuff60@ATT.net

page  22: Judith Maguire | E.   Judymag@Myfairpoint.net

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