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Business Cards

Having GFWC-styled business cards has never been easier! In fact, there are two options:

  1. Download the template provided here and print from your home computer.
  2. Order professionally printed cards directly from GFWC.

The new GFWC Business Card has been designed so that members can easily print copies from home. You’ll need the Avery 5371 Business Card Template sheets, readily available from any office supply store. Simply follow the instructions below. 

  1. Download the GFWC Business Card Template and save it on your computer.
  2. Open the template using Word.
  3. Highlight and change applicable text.
  4. Print from your home computer onto Avery 5371 business cards.

GFWC members can order professionally printed cards directly from the GFWC Marketplace. Featuring the GFWC emblem in full-color on glossy card stock, the cards can be customized with your name, title, club name, e-mail address, home or club address, and phone number. Best of all, prices include free ground shipping.

Business cards are available from GFWC at the following quantities and prices:

100 cards / $32
250 cards / $50
500 cards / $65

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