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Recognize and Support the WHRC

Support GFWCs archives and collections, and help us celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Womens History and Resource Center

The WHRC turns 25 in March 2009, and GFWC members, clubs, and state federations are invited to show their support for the ongoing work of preserving and sharing GFWCs history. In addition to an anniversary retrospective and special collections book insert in the February + March 2009 issue, each 2009 issue of GFWC Clubwoman Magazine will celebrate this milestone anniversary by displaying congratulatory ads purchased by GFWC clubwomen, friends, and supporters.

Special advertising rates are in place to enable members to show their support for only the cost of printing the ads, and ad buys entitle individuals or groups to benefits associated with Friends of the WHRC at the appropriate level.

Full page   $400 ($300 for current Friends) 8.375" x 11.125"
Half page  $275 ($200 for current Friends)

8.275" x 5.570" Horizontal

4.188" x 11.125" Vertical

Third page  $225 ($150 for current Friends)

2.70" x 3.625" Square

1.9417" x 11.125" One column

Quarter page  $175 ($100 for current Friends) 4.187 x 5.552"
Business card $50 ($35 for current Friends) 3.5 x 2
Name listed $25 Include full name, city/state, club name

Ad Deadlines
All ads must be reserved, paid in full, and content supplied by the deadlines noted below. The early deadline applies if GFWC is to create the art for your ad. The later deadline applies if you supplying your own art.

February + March 2009 issue: January 5 |  January 16                    

April + May 2009 issue: February 5  |  February 16                           

June + July 2009 issue: April 5  |  April 16  

August + September 2009 issue: June 5  | June 16  

October + November 2009 issue:  August 5  |  August 16  

December 2009 + January 2010 issue: October 5 | October 16

To reserve space and purchase your ad, complete the insertion order and return to GFWC by fax at 202/835-0246.

Ad Specs:

Questions about ads should be directed to GFWC Communications Coordinator Leah Gaultney at LGaultney@GFWC.org or by phone at 202/347-3168 ext. 147.

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