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GFWC sponsors a number of contests for individual members, clubs, and State Federations. For more information about each of these contests, including contact information for the national chairman, recommended contest ideas, rules, deadlines, and instructions on how to enter, read each Contest's section in the GFWC Club Manual.

GFWC Newsletter Contest

Newsletters are one of the most effective and efficient methods of informing GFWC members about current, ongoing, and new initiatives. Newsletters need not be fancy, custom-designed, or lengthy. Substance is more important than style. A newsletter should be informative and convey knowledge, generate enthusiasm, and contribute to your public relations outreach; membership recruiting and retention; program development and reporting; and operational planning. The GFWC Newsletter Contest encourages clubs and State Federations to establish a strong newsletter program aimed at increasing awareness about ongoing projects, programs, events, and issues that affect GFWC members, clubs, and communities.

GFWC Photography Contests

The GFWC Photography Contests encourage our membersí artistic expression, and recognize and support membersí achievements in photography. GFWC offers three opportunities to participate in the GFWC Photography Contests:

Each contest provides opportunities for members to express their creativity. The World in Pictures Contest encourages members to capture the beauty of the world and people around us in three categories: natural history, scenic, and feature. The GFWC Volunteers in Action Contest provides members with the opportunity to demonstrate their volunteer activities during the year through photography. A Year in Pictures Contest welcomes membersí contributions to the GFWC calendar, which allows them to demonstrate their talents and support GFWC.

GFWC Media Campaign Contest

Whether implemented to advocate for a cause, highlight a fundraising drive, recruit members, or promote an event, successful media campaigns use a variety of communication methods to reach a target audience. These campaigns often encourage individuals to take action. The Media Campaign Contests recognize significant public relations accomplishments through the use of social media, video, and/or other new media efforts, in addition to the more traditional communication methods.

GFWC clubs are encouraged to engage in media campaigns in one or more of these topics:

GFWC Website Contest

Effective outreach to members and communities increasingly relies on the ability to share information via the Internet. Clear-cut, well-organized, and frequently-updated websites convey credibility, enthusiasm, and effectiveness, and can be a key component in your clubís public relations outreach; membership recruiting and retention; program development and reporting; and operational planning. The GFWC Website Contest aims to challenge clubs and states to employ their websites as membership tools with organized and updated content that presents a professional and credible source of information. 

GFWC Writing Contests

The GFWC Writing Contests seek to provide an avenue for GFWC members and community members of all ages to freely express themselves, as well as draw upon their experiences through writing. These submissions illustrate the talent of GFWC members and are a reflection of our communities. There are four categories for entries:

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