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Creating a Resolution

When a GFWC member identifies and researches an issue or concern that is not currently covered by a GFWC Resolution , she should present this information to her club for discussion. The club may elect to vote the issue forward to their state federation's resolutions committee, in compliance with the state's guidelines for resolution consideration.

The state's resolutions committee can assist in properly formatting the resolution using the member's research, and then presents the resolution to the state convention for discussion and approval. If the resolution is approved at the state convention, the resolution must be forwarded to the national GFWC Resolutions Committee by November 1, with proper documentation certifying that the resolution was approved at the state convention. 

The GFWC Resolutions Committee reviews the proposed resolution to determine if it addresses a matter of national interest and importance, and whether it is within the scope of GFWC member advocacy efforts. If so, the state will be notified that either a new resolution was created or new language was added to an existing resolution to cover the topic.  If the GFWC Resolutions Committee finds that the issue does not meet the criteria for a national resolution, the state will receive notification of this decision.

Once the GFWC Resolutions Committee has appropriately considered a proposed resolution and determined that it is viable, the new resolution or amended existing resolution is presented to the GFWC Executive Committee for review and approval. If approved by the Executive Committee, the resolutions move forward for consideration by convention delegates at the GFWC Annual International Convention. Resolutions scheduled for consideration by convention delegates are published in the April/May issue of the GFWC Clubwoman Magazine in the Call to Convention. The annual publication of the resolutions and proposed amendments gives members the opportunity to review the resolutions and discuss the proposed changes with their clubs prior to attending the Convention, where they will vote. This consideration and deliberation gives members a voice in shaping GFWC's legislative policies.

New resolutions and proposed amendments are discussed and debated by Convention delegates at the GFWC Annual International Convention business sessions. New resolutions and proposed amendments to existing resolutions are adopted or lost by a majority vote.


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