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Deen Meloro

Deen Meloro grew up in Northern New Jersey, but pursued her undergraduate and graduate training in elementary education at American University in Washington, D.C., the University of Pittsburgh, and Penn State. Working with elementary students in Rockville, Md,. and Pittsburgh, Deen created some of the first self-directed computer math lessons; and in Asheville, N.C., she taught teachers how to create individualized instruction programs as part of Teacher Corps. She is a trained parent educator in the prevention of child sexual abuse, and has brought her message to PTAs, church groups, parent groups, and women’s clubs, including at a workshop given at a GFWC Convention. A GFWC clubwoman for 32 years, Deen has served in many capacities on the GFWC New Jersey Executive Committee, including GFWC New Jersey director of junior clubs, 1990-1992; and state president, 2004-2006. She is currently serving as the president of two GFWC clubs and as GFWC New Jersey’s Bylaws chairman. She has served on the GFWC Board of Directors for eight terms, including her current position as GFWC Credentials chairman.

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