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Emblems and Logos

The GFWC Emblem and the GFWC Emblem with Typeface are available for download in multiple formats for all your needs.

»Learn about the history and symbolism of the GFWC Emblem

NOTE: As of September 2010, GFWC has published new guidelines and versions of the GFWC Emblem and Typeface. Accordingly, please be sure to rid your files of previous Emblems, and begin using the new Emblem. All Emblems MUST feature the ® registration mark to the bottom right. In fact, clubs and State Federations are in conflict with the GFWC Trademark and Usage Policies if an improper Emblem is being used.

»Please review GFWC's Trademark Use Policies to ensure compliance with rules regarding use and representation of GFWC's Emblem. These standards apply for all media, including the Web, print collateral, news articles, event signage, direct mail, and promotional items.

GFWC Emblem for Download
Most members should only need to use the PNG version of the Emblem, while graphic designers and printers may need the Emblem in an EPS format.

»Find out which files to use and download the Emblem.

No Special Approval Needed
As a member of the Federation, your club and State Federation are granted permission to use the Emblem within the guidelines outlined in the 2010-2012 GFWC Stylebook. A graphic designer or printer needs no additional approval from GFWC for Emblem use. If a vendor requests an approval, simply forward a link to this page. The GFWC Stylebook states:

The GFWC trademarks may be used to promote GFWC at the club, district, State, Region, and/or international levels, such as stationery, advertising, marketing materials, signs, publications, forms, and/or for similar business purposes only.

The GFWC trademarks may be posted on members’ websites and used as links to the GFWC website. GFWC does not otherwise authorize use of its marks to promote or identify any product, including use on any product packaging, product labeling, product advertising, or product promotional materials, except as specifically authorized by GFWC.

If membership expires or is revoked, any reference to GFWC and GFWC trademarks must be removed from any and all promotional materials including, but not limited to, advertising, letterhead, business cards, fliers, and websites within 10 days of expiration or revocation, unless a longer period is authorized in writing by GFWC.

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