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Friends of the WHRC

Friends of the WHRC provides special benefits to GFWC members who make contributions to support the work of the WHRC. Funds contributed by Friends are used to purchase preservation supplies, collections management technology, and books for the WHRC research library. In addition, Friends donations support outreach activities directed toward students, teachers, and others interested in learning more about the history of GFWC and women volunteers, including funding for internships and research fellowships. Members who routinely volunteer in the WHRC are automatically included at the Friend level.

Join the Friends of the WHRC today! 
To help you choose your Level of Giving, the WHRC has revised our Wish List to illustrate the approximate cost of materials needed to support the WHRC’s mission.

At times, a single Friends donation may purchase a specific item; at other times, the WHRC may combine several donations to purchase a more costly item. The wish list has been updated to include not only items we need, but also details on why we need them and how we use them. We hope this information may also help you select preservation supplies for your own club. 

Thanks to the generous donations of our Friends, our most recent Wish List of book titles has been fulfilled. As relevant titles on women's history become available, we will continue to include them in our Wish List.

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