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GFWC Advocates for Children Week
Sunday, October 20 - Saturday, October 26, 2013

To raise awareness for GFWCís child advocacy efforts, GFWC has declared the fourth week in October as GFWC Advocates for Children Week. All GFWC clubs are invited to participate by planning events related to children. Try a new project or plan a previously successful one. Itís up to you! Consider your clubís interests and community needs.

From the Director of Junior Clubs

Fellow Clubwomen,

I am excited to invite all GFWC club members to participate in the 2013 GFWC Advocates for Children Week, October 20- 26. This year, with the help and creative insight of GFWC Juniorsí Special Project Chairman Penny Peterson, GFWC is initiating an Advocates for Children feature project called the GFWC Pillowcase Project. The purpose of this project is to provide children with a special pillowcase that they can keep and call their own. The pillowcase can provide comfort, a sense of ownership, as well as brighten a childís day and bring a smile to their face. Club members may make the pillowcases using bright colors and kid friendly prints, or they can embellish store-bought pillowcases with ribbon or other decorations. They may also purchase pillowcases that already have colorful prints. Clubs can fill the pillowcases with toiletries, socks, pajamas, etc. which can be used as emergency first night kits for children. Members are asked to work with any organization that services children, such as domestic violence shelters, family emergency shelters, juvenile detention centers, daycares, homeless shelters, and others.

The GFWC Sock Project brought clubs together to work on one project and was a huge success for the GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. I believe that we might be able to generate the same type of awareness in the area of Advocates for Children with the GFWC Pillowcase Project. GFWC clubwomen spend countless hours advocating for children. Now is the time to combine our efforts on all three membership levels to improve and enrich the lives of children everywhere. GFWC International President Mary Ellen Laister and I encourage you to join your fellow clubwomen in advocating for children during GFWC Advocates for Children Week, as we all live each day trying to accomplish something, not merely to exist.



Director of Junior Clubs



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