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GFWC Archives

The GFWC Archives document the historical development of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. The collection is arranged by record groups that mirror the GFWC’s organizational structure. Within record groups, materials are arranged in series that  generally identify types of records.  Whenever possible, the original order established by the records’ creators has been maintained.

The chronological coverage of the entire collection is about 1889 to the present. Most record groups have been processed through about 1992, but not all. Most of the records are contained in bound volumes or paper files, but other formats include photographs, audio-visual material, and artifacts.  The Board of Directors Minutes and GFWC Publications record groups, which are two of the most important research sources, are nearly complete in chronological coverage.

Due to limited space and resources, the WHRC does not actively collect the administrative archives of GFWC member clubs. The WHRC does provide assistance to GFWC member clubs in locating appropriate state and local repositories for these materials.  The WHRC maintains records on where member clubs permanently preserve their archives. WHRC does hold a small collection of GFWC regional, state, local, and international club documents for which no appropriate repository was immediately identified at the time of donation. These materials have been identified as Special Collections.

The GFWC Archives is arranged in the following record groups and related series:

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