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Grants and other funding resources are available from GFWC and our partners for specific programs and projects. Grants vary in amount and in recommended use. New funding opportunities are announced on GFWC's website and in our e-newsletter. Applications forms are quick and easy to complete; grant winners typically are required to submit a short evaluation form describing how they used the funds.

Membership Grants

Funding is now available to help underwrite membership recruiting and rebuilding in your community. GFWC is offering $50 grants for club member recruitment programs four times annually and $100 grants for district and State Federation new club building programs on a rolling basis.The application process is straightforward and easy to complete. Apply today for the funding necessary to conduct a successful recruiting event or new club formation project using the respective form below. 

Download the $50 Club Grant Application  [Interactive PDF]

Download the $100 New or Refederating Club Grant Application [Interactive PDF]

Focus on Literacy Club Grants

Literacy club grants of up to $150 are available to GFWC clubs. Funds may be used for purchasing books for tutors to use, providing books to kids, and a variety of other literacy needs. Funding is provided by Proctor & Gamble Company. See the application for a number of other suggestions for grant funds. 

Download the application form [Interactive PDF]

Download the evaluation form [Interactive PDF]


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