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Historic Preservation

GFWC members have long been advocates for the preservation of America’s historic landscapes, buildings, and cultural artifacts.

Since 1922, GFWC members have helped preserve their own historic Headquarters, which is located in what the National Park Service describes as “one of the most varied and architecturally intact blocks” in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.

GFWC's Women’s History and Resource Center manages the preservation of historic structures and collections, and provides assistance to clubs interested in tackling preservation projects.

The WHRC preserves GFWC’s historic archives, art, and artifacts according to professional standards and monitors the historic rooms and exhibit areas to protect museum-quality artwork and furnishings. Preservation measures are balanced with efforts to provide welcome and access to GFWC members and guests. Several years ago, the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded GFWC a Preservation Assistance Grant to help create immediate and long-range plans for improving the preservation of GFWC’s historic structures and collections.


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