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GFWC is a community service organization with many levels of membership. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors represent GFWC members on a national scale. The Board of Directors consists of region presidents, state presidents, state directors of junior clubs, committee chairmen, committee members, and special appointments. GFWC members involved with these directorial committees are chosen by the GFWC International President at the beginning of her two year administration. During her administration, the GFWC International President lives at GFWC Headquarters in Washington DC. All national members of GFWC have leadership responsibilities and are expected to attend the GFWC Annual Convention in the summer.  

Following the national level is the regional level. GFWC consists of eight Regions:

Each region holds an annual conference in the fall. This conference is separate from the GFWC Annual Convention.

GFWC has members in each of the 50 states. State Federations host individual conferences each spring.

County and district levels are contained within the state level. These two Federation categories vary from state to state; some states choose not to have county and district levels, whereas other states contain multiple counties and districts.

The sixth organizational level of GFWC is local. GFWC is comprised of thousands of local clubs; each club elects officers and works independently on various projects in their community.

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