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Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS)

The GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS) program is intended to identify GFWC members at the grassroots level who have the potential and the desire to assume leadership positions in GFWC beyond their club. Participation in LEADS can help these members gain the capabilities, confidence and commitment necessary to pursue and achieve higher office and serve with distinction. The LEADS program is held annually the day before the official opening of the GFWC Annual Convention. It is a full day of activities, and includes breakfast and lunch.

Application and Selection Process

Each state federation selects one LEADS attendee annually. GFWC provides state federations with guidelines and forms to help them in selecting LEADS candidates, and using LEADS graduates to enhance state leadership. See LEADS Information for State Federations.

LEADS Content and Presentations

LEADS may include the following:

• Presentations on conflict resolution, public speaking skills, and time management
• Explanation of GFWC resources, materials, and assistance
• Discussions on GFWC policies, procedures, and parliamentary law
• Tips and techniques for pursuing leadership opportunities

Criteria for LEADS Participation

It is highly recommended that each State Federation LEADS candidate meet the following criteria:

• Demonstrates leadership capabilities at the club level as an active club president, club officer, or club project or committee chairman
• Exhibits a commitment to the Federation
• Exhibits an understanding of the GFWC mission of community service, illustrated by programs and projects in which she is or has been involved
• Demonstrates leadership skills, including, but not limited to, organization, responsibility, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and flexibility
• Exhibits an interest in and willingness to pursue higher leadership positions in GFWC
• Agrees to share information gained from participation in LEADS with others in the state federation
• Understands and accepts potential expenses involved in participation
• Has not held elected positions at or beyond the state level (this criterion is recommended in order to encourage potential leaders at the club level to apply)
• Has not attended a previous LEADS program. Members are eligible to attend only once


GFWC will cover a portion of the attendees’ expenses, including:
• Stipend of $250
• One-half of room charge for two nights at official Convention hotel 
• Breakfast and lunch during the LEADS program
• $10 Gift Certificate (on purchase of $15 or more) for the GFWC Annual Convention Marketplace

State federations may consider underwriting a portion of attendee’s expenses. LEADS attendees are expected to be responsible for a portion of their expenses as an affirmation of their personal commitment.

LEADS participants are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements.


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