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GFWC Leadership Series

GFWC takes the challenge of leadership seriously, and is committed to providing the resources and training necessary to produce and retain serious leaders. Like love and marriage, leadership and membership are intertwined; you canít have one without the other! The Federationís future depends on committed leaders attracting committed members who become committed leaders.

Building on the success of the GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar, and in response to requests from GFWC members, GFWC is getting ready to embark upon an exciting new initiative: the GFWC Leadership Series. The Series will make available to all interested GFWC members a variety of leadership training opportunities via a number of venues and for several different organizational levels.

GFWC members will be able to take advantage of leadership training at the Annual International Convention, Region Conferences, state conventions, through articles in GFWC Clubwoman magazine, and through website offerings.

While caps, gowns, and sheepskins are not part of this picture, participation in each of the training areas will provide you with the confidence to step up and assume leadership positions in your club, district, and beyond. You will become a qualified, committed, knowledgeable leader, prepared to contribute your skills and dedication to extending the Federationís legacy into the future.

The target date for introducing the first elements of the Leadership Series is June 2009. Look for additional information in upcoming issues of GFWC Clubwoman Magazine.

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