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I didn't realize being [Club] President would bring so much extra  responsibilities that I don't know and am a little afraid to handle. Thank goodness for this program. I need someone who can be objective to help me..." [Quote from a new club president]

GFWC Mediators, formerly known as Mentors, are experienced members with proven ability and passion for conflict-resolution and membership-related issues. GFWC Mediators help individuals, clubs, districts, and states deal with unique or difficult situations that can benefit from an objective perspective and extra measure of attention.

GFWC Mediators are selected from a pool of applicants who demonstrate their depth of experience and appreciation of the objectives of the GFWC Mediator program.

Make a Difference. Be a GFWC Mediator.

GFWC is now accepting applications for the Mediator Class of 2011. Six new GFWC Mediators will be chosen to serve for a three-year term and receive specialized training at GFWC Headquarters in Washington, D.C., from March 17-19, 2011.

GFWC Mediators serve the Federation as a team of consultants available to individual GFWC members, clubs, districts, and states. Mediators are active and committed GFWC members with experience, proven ability, and passion for membership and conflict-resolution issues.

Mediators are GFWCs eyes, ears, hands, and hearts in the field. With their personal experience and expertise as GFWC club members, combined with the specialized training they will receive in conflict resolution, problem-solving, parliamentary procedure, and organization building, Mediators will be prepared to advise and work with members at every level of Federation. Mediators may be asked to:

Mediators will be "on call" and available to work with GFWC members for as long as it takes to resolve a situation or achieve a mutually acceptable solution. They will participate in group meetings where they exchange information and problem-solving techniques, as well as support, encourage, and inspire each other.

Criteria for Applicants

Serious consideration will be given to GFWC Mediator applicants who meet most or all of the following criteria:

Click here to download the 2011 GFWC Mediator Application.

Contact GFWC Executive Director Natasha Rankin at 202-347-3168 or NRankin@GFWC.org with any questions. The deadline to apply is January 1, 2011.

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