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Note to State Presidents

Dear GFWC State Presidents,

I hope that each of you has had the opportunity to visit GFWCís new home on the Internet. We are adding new content every day, and this online home for GFWC is becoming an even more valuable resource than any of us could have imagined. If you havenít visited the website yet, now is your opportunity to see how sophisticated and streamlined our online communications have become!

Of special note is the addition of state federation and club websites, expanded from the previous incarnation and updated almost daily as more clubs launch their own websites.

As we gain momentum on our trip down the information superhighway, we should pay special attention to the image we are projecting of GFWC. To aid in maintaining consistency among all GFWC websites, we ask that you forward this announcement to club presidents in your state. Each state president and club president should forward this announcement to their clubís webmaster, and ask that individual to contact GFWCís webmaster  with her name, club name and state, e-mail address, and club presidentís name. Creating a contact list will be invaluable in disseminating important updates and changes online.

We also ask that you refer to the GFWC Stylebook and review the Key Messages about GFWC that we have prepared (pgs. 3-5). If your website carries a narrative description of GFWC and our work, please ensure that it is one of the approved messages found in the Stylebook. If your website doesnít describe GFWC, now is the perfect time to add this information!

I continue to be thankful for the work you do on behalf of the Federation, and so appreciate your assistance in making sure we always put GFWCís best foot forward!

Yours, in Federation Service,

Jacquelyn Pierce
GFWC International President

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