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Babs Condon

Babs Condon, the 50th GFWC International President, is a third-generation GFWC clubwoman, who has been an active member of the Federation for more than 29 years. Babs’ Federation work started in 1983, when she joined the GFWC Junior Woman’s Club of Westminster. She joined the GFWC Woman’s Club of Westminster in 2000, and has served her clubs, district, state, and GFWC with distinction, holding numerous offices, and program and special project chairmanships.

Babs served as GFWC First Vice-President (2010-2012), GFWC Second Vice-President (2008-2010), GFWC Recording Secretary (2006-2008), GFWC Treasurer (2004-2006), GFWC Director of Junior Clubs (1998-2000), GFWC International Affairs chairman (2000-2002), GFWC Director-elect of Junior Clubs (1996-1998), and GFWC Conservation chairman (1994-1996). In her role as GFWC Outreach for Children Program chairman, she traveled to the Philippines on an Operation Smile mission and to Guatemala and Peru with CARE.

While serving as the 2002-2004 GFWC Maryland State President, Babs placed special emphasis on membership and volunteering and continues this passion in her 18th year as the advisor for a GFWC Juniorette club, which she started in 1994.

Babs is a graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College, with graduate work at the University of Kentucky and Western Maryland College. She married Jerry (the boy next door) in 1978, taught for several years before having two wonderful sons, and starting on the path of a professional volunteer.


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