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Program Updates


»Reading is Fundamental and Macy's have teamed up to create a national partnership supporting children's literacy: Be One For the Books! This program will help RIF expand its outreach to children who lack adequate access to books and who are at the greatest risk for reading difficulties. Macy's customers can help under-served children by making a donation to RIF. Each customer who donates $3 to RIF at any in-store register will receive a savings pass for $10 off most future Macy's purchases of $50 or more. This campaign is an opportunity to have a direct impact on your community. For more information about participating stores and specific dates for this promotion in your area, visit the website.

»The 17th Annual National Conference on Family Literacy is set for March 30-April 1, 2008, in Louisville, Kentucky. The 2008 theme is Literacy Grows Families and Communities. Visit the website for a complete conference schedule, information on Continuing Education Units, registration information, details on special sessions, the call for proposals, and more.

»If you are unaware of the new guidelines regarding CPR, visit the American Heart Association online and find a class near you.  Just think, you could save a life!

»The National Domestic Hotline has launched a website dedicated to teen dating abuse. LoveIsRespect.org is an online community where teens can find support and information to understand dating abuse. Teens can also talk one-on-one with a trained advocate 24/7 who can offer support and connect teens to resources. Tell any teen who may be in an abusive situation to call toll free 1-866-331-9474 or TTY 1-866-331-8453. One-on-one live chat is also available from 4 a.m.-midnight Central Standard Time, seven days a week.

»The National Network to End Domestic Violence is moving. Please update your records to reflect the new contact information:
National Network to End Domestic Violence
2001 S St NW Ste 400 | Washington, DC 20009
P: 202-543-5566 | F: 202-543-5626

»We all know that New Orleans is still recovering, but City Park, a 1300-acre park located in the heart of New Orleans, is really struggling. This New Orleans fixture has been a valuable city attraction for more than 150 years, but it now faces disrepair and financial hardship. Due to Hurricane Katrina, more than 1,000 trees were toppled or extensively damaged, and flooding killed most of the grass and the plants within the botanical gardens. City Park needs your help to rebuild. 



»Heifer International has started empowering women with their new program Women in Livestock Development, or WiLD.  Women and girls make up a vast majority of the people living in poverty around the world today.  The need for action to give women more opportunity has never been greater.  Through WiLD, Heifer International gives women the education and the means to become self-sufficient and properly care for their families. 
»Reading is Fundamental has started a Multicultural Literacy Campaign to promote and support early childhood literacy in African-American, Hispanic, and Native American communities where reading scores are the lowest.

»The FDA has launched a new website to help consumers get the most up to date health information. Visit the site to find out about new medications, medical procedures, and tips on keeping you and your family healthy. You can also sign up to receive a free monthly e-newsletter so that the latest medical information comes straight to your Inbox.

»Knowing the facts about cholesterol can reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke.  Regular screenings, healthy weight, exercise, and good diet are all key in keeping your cholesterol down and your heart healthy. Check out the American Heart Association's website to see how much you know about cholesterol and get tips on eating healthy while eating out.

»If you're looking for help planning your retirement, take a look at the Social Security Retirement Planning website for valuable information pertaining to your social security benefits, information on working after retirement, and forms for applying for social security. 

»The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has launched a campaign to educate Americans about the need to plan in advance for their long-term care needs. The campaign includes a free, downloadable Own Your Future Planning Kit, which provides consumers with information about practical steps they can take to plan ahead for long-term care.

>>You have the opportunity to make life more comfortable for our service men and women. The program Any Soldier was started by Sgt. Brian Horn as an effort to help care for his soldiers. He told friends and relatives to send packages addressed to "Any Soldier" and he would deliver them to those soldiers who did not receive mail. It has expanded to a huge effort, with people sending packages to over 118,000 soldiers. Log on to the Any Soldier website to get involved and see a list of soldiers' requests and addresses.



»The Cat in the Hat turns 50 this year. Celebrate supporting literacy in your community, learn about the history and influence of Dr. Seuss's books, find creative ways to get kids excited about reading, and write a birthday with to the cat himself. For every birthday wish received, Random House will donate one book to First Book, a program dedicated to giving books to low-income families to encourage reading at home.

»To help combat the spread of the flu, the National Women's Health Resource Center is offering a new resource to families—the Family Flu Tip Card, which can be ordered or downloaded at no cost from their website. This card provides simple steps for preventing and treating influenza, and tips on how to stay healthy during flu season.

»The Office of Women's Health has a new fact sheet on HPV now available online. The fact sheet provides basic information about the disease and the newly approved HPV vaccine. 

»Country Crock is embarking on a mission to spread sharing across America by celebrating acts of caring that help make the world a better place. Go to their website and tell Country Crock about a time you shared with someone or were the recipient of someone else's sharing. For every story that they receive, Country Crock will donate a meal to a family in need through America's Second Harviest.

»Graffiti Hurts, a Keep America Beautiful initiative, has announced a new grant program that aims to help communities kick-start or add-on to a local graffiti prevention program. Grants of $2,000 will be offered to fund projects on graffiti prevention and education, rapid removal, or to help enforce anti-graffiti laws. Find applications and guidelines online; the deadline for applications is June 29, 2007.

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