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The WHRC holds one of the most comprehensive collections pertaining to the history of women volunteers, consisting of the GFWC Archives and GFWC Special Collections.

The WHRC welcomes all researchers interested in women’s history and the history of women volunteers.  The WHRC is open by appointment Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. When scheduling a research appointment, researchers should provide a brief introduction to their research, including subjects and purpose of research, potential relevance of the WHRC collections, and a brief overview of other resources reviewed.  Research introductions, requests for appointments, and reference questions should be made by e-mail or by FAX at 202-835-0246.

Researchers are encouraged to review the Rules for Use of WHRC Research Collections before visiting the WHRC.


Please help the WHRC make its collections more accessible to researchers! 

If your club is considering a visit to GFWC Headquarters, please consider a service project at the WHRC, where we have many preservation projects that would benefit from the volunteer experience of GFWC clubwomen.  The WHRC will train project participants to assist with particular tasks in the archives, such as inventorying, cataloging, or re-housing materials into acid-free containers.

Individual clubwomen are also encouraged to contact the WHRC if you have time available to assist with a project in the archives.

If your club is too far to volunteer at headquarters, consider becoming a virtual volunteer. Some archival projects may lend themselves to off-site work, particularly creating transcripts of oral history interviews. More than two-hundred oral histories now being cataloged in the WHRC do not have transcripts.However, many of these tapes have been duplicated. A GFWC clubwoman who would like to be a virtual volunteer on the oral history project could request the loan of a tape that she could listen to and transcribe at her convenience. The WHRC is happy to provide tips on making effective transcripts.

If you would like training as a volunteer archives assistant, either on or off-site, or would like to schedule a WHRC service project for your club, please contact the WHRC.

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