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Thank You to Our Supporters

Gifts to Headquarters

Invest in the future of GFWC Headquarters by making a contribution to the GFWC Pipe Project. Donations to this year's Gifts to Headquarters Fund are designated toward replacing corroded water piping in 1734 N Street. In April 2011, the building experienced significant flood damage from the bursting of multiple corroded pipes on the first floor. Upon investigation, it was determinded that the entire pipe system is corroded. Through the generosity of our State Federations, Regions, clubs, and individual members, the GFWC Pipe Project will help ensure that repair work is conducted in a timely manner, preventing delays that may compromise the building's integrity.

If you would like to contibute to Gifts to Headquarters, download the donation form on the 2013 GFWC Annual Convention page or call 1-800-443-GFWC (4392) to request a form be sent to you.


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