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The Jane Cunningham Croly Award for Excellence in Journalism Covering Issues of Concern to Women

With her in-depth, hopeful and heartbreaking look at the person behind an iconic photo, and the people who have worked tirelessly to help her achieve a fairy-tale ending that has thus far proven elusive, Jessica Ravitz is the 2013 recipient of the Jane Cunningham Croly Award for Excellence in Journalism Covering Issues of Concern to Women. Ravitz, a writer/producer for CNN Digital, was selected as the journalist who best captured the courage, vision, and spirit of GFWCs founder and pioneering journalist Jane Cunningham Croly.

Croly Award winners demonstrate a concern for the rights and advancement of women in our society; an awareness of womens strength and courage; and/or an attempt to counteract sexism.

Ravitz' piece, "Saving Aesha", takes an unflinching look at the 'complicated, messy business of saving a life' - in this case the life of Aesha Mohammadzai, the young Afghan woman who famously graced an August 2010 cover of Time magazine. Aesha had her nose and ears cut off by her Taliban husband's family after running away and months of imprisonment. Her story is interwoven with the efforts of many well-meaning organizations and families who have tried to help her become an independent, successful woman in America. It has not been easy, depsite the best efforts of everyone involved.

You can read the official press release here: PDF




Jessica Ravitz Bio

The contest is open to all journalists who contribute to newspapers, broadcast news programs (radio and television), magazines, news services, or online publications, either on staff or in a freelance capacity.

Complete entry guidelines and entry form for the Croly Award can be found here: Word | PDF

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