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What is ACT in OCT?

ACT in OCT is GFWC's annual membership recruiting event, where dedicated clubwomen roll out the red carpet to invite and excite potential new members in October!

In 2003, GFWC initiated its first nationwide membership recruiting campaign, ACT in OCT, encouraging all GFWC clubs to organize recruiting ACTivities to help attract diverse, energetic, and dedicated new members. Gaining new members is vital to continuing each clubs projects, and new members bring new ideas and talents to assist clubs in their volunteer activities.

To help publicize GFWCs club projects and reach out to potential members to demonstrate the benefits of belonging to GFWC, we highlight membership recruitment in OCTober.

Why OCTober?

Every club that meets or exceeds the annual recruiting goal as the result of an ACTivity in OCTober and reports their success to GFWC Headquarters before December 1 will be recognized in a winter issue of GFWC Clubwoman Magazine.

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