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You in GFWC Clubwoman Magazine!

Each issue of GFWC Clubwoman Magazine features clubs and members who are fulfilling the mission of GFWC in their own communities, and we want to share more of your stories with subscribers to GFWC's premier publication.

»I'm A Clubwoman

Meet a new Federation friend in each issue of the magazine! Want to be featured in our I'm A Clubwoman column? Send us your story and photos to GFWC@GFWC.org. Tell us something unique about yourself and your involvement in GFWC. We want to showcase members from all walks of life—the brand new recruit to the 75-year member. Tell us who you are, and what GFWC means to you!

»Volunteers in Action

Community service is at the heart of everything GFWC does. Share your club's activities with the rest of the Federation by sending us your club news. We definitely want to know what you're doing, but, more importantly, we want to know the outcomes. If you've submitted news about a fundraiser, why not update us on the projects you funded with the income! Send us your club news and photos using the Submit Club News form.

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