The GFWC Oral History Collection consists of hundreds of recordings that detail the contributions of GFWC clubwomen to their communities. The oral history catalog provides the names of interviewees and interviewers, clubs, and locations. If a transcript was available, the catalog record includes a brief description of the interview. A photograph of the interviewee was included when available.

GFWC clubwomen may request copies of available transcripts and are encouraged to contribute photographs of interviewees. If a transcript is not available, GFWC clubwomen may volunteer to help with transcribing by requesting a copy of the oral history recording. The WHRC also welcomes new oral histories for the collection. To volunteer or to request additional information about the WHRC's oral history program and/or catalog, please contact WHRC Director Gail McCormick using the information below.

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For additional information, please contact Gail McCormick, WHRC Director, at 202-347-6347, ext. 139.
Last modified on: July 14, 2008