Letter from the President

GFWC Mary Ellen Brock

Dear GFWC Sisters,

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I welcome each of you to the 2018-2020 GFWC Administration. I am truly honored to be serving as your 52nd GFWC International President. GFWC has over 128 years of history rich in timely challenges and major accomplishments. This administration will draw upon the past work of GFWC to direct its two major emphasis areas for the future.

GFWC was founded on the principle of “Unity in Diversity.” Our founders could have chosen any word, but they chose “Diversity” because it reflected their belief that the organization should exist embracing “Diversity” in its members and programs. During this administration diversity will be one of the emphasis areas. We will seek diversity in who we are and what we do. Welcome into membership in your club people of all ages, religions, creeds, races, genders and lifestyles. Work on projects with and for organizations that are diverse. Widen the scope of club programs to educate members on the traditions and lifestyles of different religions and countries. Embrace Diversity.

Legislation is the second emphasis area. GFWC’s passion for positive change in communities through legislation is part of our history. In 1906, thousands of members of GFWC, who without a vote, only a persistent voice, passed the Pure Food and Drug Act. We will go back to our roots, raise our voices, and reclaim our role as the unified organization that can make things happen. Members will understand the process of how a bill becomes a law and their part in the process. We will select two bills and work actively for them to become laws. We will work to establish the GFWC brand with the members of the United States and State Legislatures by the “RECOGNIZE THE RED” campaign. We will select one bill and on one day all members of GFWC will be asked to call their legislator and urge action on the bill.

During this administration there will also be “7 Grand Initiatives.” They are called “7 Grand Initiatives” as each of them has 1,000 as a goal. The “7 Grand Initiatives” are : 1) That 1,000 clubs will do a service project on Martin Luther King Day, January 21, 2019; 2) That members will plant 1,000 trees on Arbor Day; 3) That members will donate 1,000 pairs of used shoes to Soles 4 Souls or Nike “reuse-a-shoe”; 4) that members donate 1,000 Dr. Seuss books by March of 2020; 5)That 1,000 members join the Legislative Action Center; 6) That members do 1,000 projects devoted to women in the military; and 7) That 1,000 members donate $1,000 to the Capital Campaign. The “7 Grand Initiatives” are very attainable. Plan your projects now.

Thank you for placing your trust in me and affording me this incredible opportunity to serve as your 2018–2020 International President. I am excited about what we can accomplish during the next two years, and I hope these projects that I mentioned have stirred excitement in you.


Mary Ellen Brock

2018-2020 GFWC International President


May 26

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