Fall 2019

 Meet MemberSuite

MemberSuite, GFWC’s new Association Management Software (AMS), is a self-contained, members-only portal administered by GFWC. This means only GFWC will see or use any information that you enter. The system puts your membership experience in one place so that you can immediately access documents, shop in Marketplace, keep track of your donations, and more, all in one interactive place.

  1. Visit the GFWC Member Portal at gfwc.users.membersuite.com/home.
  2. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select “Login.”
  3. Select “Forgot your password?”
  4. Enter your email that receives News & Notes each week.
  5. You’ll receive a code in your email that you can enter to create a password.
  6. Update your own member profile.

How to Log In 

As a club president, there’s already a MemberSuite account associated with your email address. Follow these steps to log in:  

Your Role as Administrator
You are the primary contact for your club, which puts you in charge of ensuring that your club information is accurate on MemberSuite. If the president listed for your club profile isn’t correct, you should call GFWC at 202-347-3168 or email gfwc@gfwc.org

When you log in to your MemberSuite account, it will give you the option to choose between a personal profile or your club’s profile.

You can maintain both profiles with just one login. You can even go back and forth by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner to “Switch Profile” at any point.  
Your Next Steps

Input Information and Stay Organized.
State Federations will soon use MemberSuite to manage due payments. Enter the number of people in your club to make it a smooth process for your club and your state. Then you can add your club roster to manage information more efficiently. The more accurate information GFWC has for its clubs and club members, the better membership experience it can offer.

Adding your club roster is also helpful when transitioning leadership. Keeping track of member information on MemberSuite means it can be easily passed down from president to president. That means no more worrying about file sharing or lost Excel spreadsheets. The portal keeps your information secure and exactly where you know to find it. Make quick and efficient changes to your roster in one convenient location.

If your roster information is not complete, you can choose to input your club members whose information you do have and update your club profile later, or wait until you have more information to upload your roster. Whichever option you choose, you should make sure the number of club members is correct because this is the number that the State Federation will use for dues calculations. 

Make it Part of Your Orientation Routine.
Just in time for a new club year, the GFWC Member Portal is a great tool for orientation! When a new member joins your club, it’s easy to make sure they’re in the loop for all things GFWC. Help them create an account to foster their sense of connection to the larger GFWC community. By managing their communication preferences on their profile, they can subscribe to News & Notes with a simple click of a button and start receiving important information each week. That’s just one example of how you can use MemberSuite to save time getting your new members involved and connected. 

Involve Your Club.
While you have access to the club profile, each club member can have their own personal profile to take advantage of MemberSuite. Encourage them to log in and create a profile so GFWC has accurate information for them. If you haven’t added a club roster, individual members will need to join, log in, and create a password for MemberSuite. But if you did add a roster where your club members are listed, all they need to do is enter their name and click “Forgot Password” to set up their account. Save your members a step and add your club roster before inviting members to log in to MemberSuite! 

The GFWC Member Portal is a valuable tool to structure your club president duties. Log in today to update your personal profile and then switch to your club profile to get started on a system that will save you time that can be used to plan your next big project!

If you have questions, please be sure to call GFWC Headquarters at (202) 347-3168 or email gfwc@gfwc.org.