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GFWC Kirkland Woman’s Club

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GFWC Kirkland Woman’s Club (Washington) was founded in 1920 by eight women dressed in hats and gloves. They realized that in addition to fulfilling a need for friendship and socializing, the organization could also provide service to the community. The clubhouse was built in 1925, and it also served as a library and clinic. The Kirkland Woman’s clubhouse is on the State Historical Register and National Register of Historic Places.

Each year, the clubwomen select four local high school seniors to receive educational scholarships to the college of their choice. The club also participates in providing a baby shower event to gather newborn clothing for low income families. Other programs that the club supports include Hopelink, Lifewire, Federated Forest State Park, Attain Housing, Eastside Domestic Violence, Food Lifeline, Operation Smile, and Project Access Northwest.

The 30 current clubwomen are diverse in ages and backgrounds, and the membership continues to grow quickly, thanks to a new Facebook site, membership brochure, and community outreach initiative this fall. “Our club reaches our arms around the whole planet,” said club president Urla Morgan.

To learn more about the Kirkland Woman’s Club, visit their website at: http://www.kirklandwomansclub.org/home or their Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/WomansClub425/

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