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For more than three decades Bonnie Peat worked in various leadership positions in the aerospace field and was a staunch promoter of women in the workforce. After retiring in 2019, she joined the GFWC Woman’s Club of Cypress in California.

“Shortly after I retired I realized I wanted to get involved in my community,” Bonnie said. “I had heard about the women’s club and I had been invited by a friend.”

With her extensive leadership experience, Bonnie was nominated and elected as club president within her first year of being a member.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” she said.

Bonnie said she was excited to jump into her new role and see what she could bring to the table.

“I’ve been a leader through pretty much most of my career and I have been very active. My interest is to really see how our club can do more for the community,” she said. “I really like everything we have done so far and I think there are opportunities for greater fundraising.”

Since her husband has also been active in their community with various organizations, Bonnie said it is important to both of them to make an impact and help their neighbors.

“For me, it’s building the awareness of what’s going on in the community and how people can get involved,” she said.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused Bonnie’s first year with the GFWC Woman’s Club of Cypress to be different than a typical year in the past, she said she has been excited to participate in the various club projects the club was still able to work on.

In particular, she said she is proud of the club’s “Kindness Bags for Seniors,” a project started by a past club president that involves putting together essentials for older adults. She added she helped make deliveries and continue this project in 2020.

Along with enjoying the volunteer work of GFWC, Bonnie said she has appreciated the camaraderie among her fellow clubwomen and is glad to see everyone working together for a greater cause.

“It’s friendship with a purpose,” she said. “Everyone is geared toward the goals and objectives of the club, through that though, you’re building friendships.”

In addition to making friends and helping those in need, Bonnie said she is looking forward to spreading the word about the club and the work the women do to support area residents.

“I really like the way GFWC has increased the visibility of different things we promote and one of the things I really want to do is continue to build the name of the women’s club within the Cyrus community,” she said.

Bonnie said anyone who is at all interested in joining a woman’s club should go to a meeting, learn more about the club, and see if it the right fit for them.

“I’m pleased that I stepped out and joined,” she said.


January 10

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